Lot 5: Queen

Deborah Azzopardi

Auction Ended

Azzopardi is known for distinctive pop art images which she has produced over the past 35 years. She breaks her subjects down into vibrant flat segments and adds glitter and strong colour.

Deborah Azzopardi portrays the Queen as a young woman, serene, happy, and glamorous. She is looking at the viewer with calm interest, wearing a light and feminine crown, embellished with platinum leaf, and a mink shawl. Deborah has sifted through magazines and royal portraits – her rendition of the Queen is a fictional depiction, an artist’s take on her famous person.

Lives and works in London.


Year: 2022
Size: 95.9 x 73.7cm
Medium: Sliverleaf, platinum leaf, diamond chips & dust. Limited edition silkscreen print. Paper: Somerset tub sized
Edition: 6 of 7 + 3 AP
Estimated Retail Value: £12,000

Donated by the artist, courtesy of Cynthia Corbett Gallery

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Item condition: New