Yossef Joseph Dadoune

Found You – Limited Edition in aid of Ukraine


This set of 22 unique drawings, created in midst March 2022 while the political conflict between Russia and the Ukraine escalated.

This series captures an intimate moment in which the artist Yosef Joseph Yaakov Dadoune paused the sounds and sights reporting the war and siloed himself in his Paris Studio. His first expressions were the symbolic colours of blue and yellow that have quickly become the signs of support and solidarity, then as his emotions grew, he started layering these basic colours with black flowers, abstract expressions of colour lines and shapes, documenting his body and hand movement, in a way, capturing what the war moves stimulated, on paper.

As he continued, each day brought a new layer capturing moments of joy, pleasure, pain and hope.


BFAMI will split the proceeds of the sale with IsraAID efforts in the borders of Ukraine with refugees.


Pastel, Oil pastel and bronze on Indian paper, 640 and 320 grams.

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